July 25, 2005 
Bob, Vicki and the whole crew at MVP,
Kevin and I cannot express how wonderful the video of our wedding turned out!!  You made it as perfect as our day really was.  Every detail, picture and song was perfect.  I knew the work you had done in the past, but the examples just don’t do you justice.  You have over exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for preserving my day to the exact detail as I would have hoped.  I hope there will be a day that I need your services again… you are very professional and timely.  Thank you again for making my memories come to life through your video work.
 Kim & Kevin La Pointe

Bob and Family, We absolutely love our video and have probably watched it a hundred times and each time we still cry. All our friends, family and colleagues are blown awayby its quality. Because I'm in marketing and advertising, they know I only work with the best. We are so grateful that we were fortunate enough to be able to have a true artist create the best keepsake of all.

Cheryl and Larry Kaczmarek, Oshkosh

McMillin Family,

"We would like to thank all of you for all the time & energy you spend making our wedding tape. After looking around at many different videographers, we were certain that you took pride in your work and more importantly to us, fun and easy to work with."

"The love story of us you played at our wedding reception made everyone there understand how much we care about each other and how our deep love for each grew into what got everyone together that day."

"The wedding video captured everything and more of what we wanted to remember from our special day. I was honestly hesitant to even have a videographer, but am so glad now that we did."

"Kip and I would like to thank your family for all the hard work and passion that you put into our wedding video and love story!"

Thanks, Kip & Allison Golden

Bob and Family,

We wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the awesome results of our wedding video. We feel fortunate to have had your family capture our most important day in a format that really tells the story of that day.

Kristina and Peter Le Empereur

To the entire McMillin family ~

"Thank you so much for making Andy and I feel special as we were planning our wedding and putting together the love story. After meeting with several Videographers, there was no contemplating who was going to tape our wedding. We really appreciated all the info you gave us at our first meeting and email follow-ups. You were the only vendor who answered all our questions, and promptly at that. We wanted every detail of our wedding to be perfect, and truly, that was the only detail that was perfect about our wedding – the video. It really boils down to the fact that you made us feel #1. I wish more professionals would put their customers first. Really, these days – that’s huge points with engaged couples. Thank you for all the time filming our love story, we’ll always remember that day."

"We’re so glad that your family felt our wedding was so important that you gave so much effort. We love our video. To me it’s a treasure and I can’t watch it too much. Every bride needs a video edited like this, how could they not want one."

Jen & Andy Faust


"I just had to share this email from a friend who watched our wedding video! It's being mailed across the states to my friends who want to see it! Somebody else at work thought it looked like a celebrity wedding!"

*Actual E-Mail Follows*

"Jen, I just finished watching your video, and all I can say is Can I have your autograph? You must be a movie star, because you sure look like one in your video. I have never ever seen something so amazingly touching and artistic and well-done. He caught every one of those little details you poured so much time and effort into. Your video is beyond amazing. I cried when your grandmother was talking into the camera. All of my grandparents have passed away...so I know that is something you will always cherish. I also laughed my butt off at your dad and Don on the video. Just how tipsy was your dad? "yeah. Jen's a babe. And Andy gets to sleep with her! he's a lucky man." That was SO funny!!!! I am debating showing it to Chad. I think I might not, because after seeing your video, I really HATE mine. I knew mine was awfully amaturish, but I had no idea how nice a video COULD be. And today I got the rest of my raw footage too. Oh well....I really love yours!!!! Your wedding WAS amazing!!!!"

MVP Productions

"Being professional photographers ourselves, we wanted a true professional to video our son's wedding. We had photographed numerous weddings at which Bob was also present doing the video photography and thus, we knew Bob's style and chose MVP Video. We knew MVP Video was excellent, but the results far exceeded our expectations. Bob and his assistants were dedicated professionals who used the best professional equipment to produce an outstanding record of a very important part of our family history. They worked very hard to make our day most enjoyable. Bob went the extra step in editing the final tape. He combined the serious memorable moments with records of our friends having a great time. His use of table interviews during the reception to break up the dinner and dance portion of the video was great. We would recommend MVP Video for any family that wants the finest in wedding video coverage."

Sincerely, Dave and Jean Wacker
Photography by J.D.

MVP Productions

"Choosing MVP Video to record the events of our wedding day was our easiest decision we had to make when planning our wedding. We knew Bob's work was the best quality available. Bob's performance on the wedding day and production of the tape were very professional. We barely noticed he and his assistants were there at all. They never were in the way and were always very courteous. The individual interviews of our guests, which Bob edited into our video, really gave excitement to our reception. You could see everyone was having fun. When Bob presented our video to us, we were thrilled. So many wedding tapes look the same, ours was fantastic. It looks like we had an entire movie production crew just for our wedding. You can tell Bob takes pride in his work and it shows in the final tape. We would recommend MVP Video to any couple or business who is in need of video services."

Sincerely, JD and Sandra Wacker


"We sincerely apologize for the lateness in thanking you for your supreme work on our wedding video. You and your family captured all we had hoped to preserve in memories on tape. It's a beautifully done production and we thoroughly enjoy viewing it often and sharing the moments with friends as well. Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful addition to our wedding event. We will not hesitate to recommend your talents to others!!!"

Valerie and Daniel Loughney


"One million "Thank you's" for such a wonderful, beautiful video! I am at a loss of words! You exceeded my expectations, and completely captured what it was the day meant to the both of us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Everyone is raving about our video! After watching it so many times ... I can finally get through the whole thing without needing to have a whole box of tissues ... now I only need a handful! It's not only my feelings, but watching everyone else's reactions that get me now!"

"Thank you so much!!!!!!!
Liane & Kurt Getschow


"Thank you for the fantastic job on our children's wedding tape. My husband admires your technique and I admire the artistry. You helped make Emily and Tim's wedding extra memorable and we would certainly recommend you to anyone."

Joan Grabenstetter-Bourne and Emily & Tim Anderson
Appleton, WI


"My Mom thought we were silly to spend money on a "video". But once she saw it, the first words out of her mouth were, "It was worth every penny of it." Thanks for the wonderful job. We will treasure it forever!"

Rick & Melissa Radies


"I just received a message from my Mom -- she had watched our wedding video for the first time and called to let me know how much she truly Loved it. The only thing bad she said, is that the video should have come with a legal disclaimer – "One Large Box of Kleenex Required before watching this Video!" I thought you would like to hear what my Mom had to say."

Todd & Jenny Walbrun


"We just returned from our honeymoon today and are catching up on things slowly but steadily. We had a very relaxing week at the Thorpe House Inn, a bed and breakfast in Fish Creek. Very nice people and a beautiful setting. We took a little t.v. and v.c.r. with us and all we watched during the week was our Love Story. We loved the presentation at the reception but didn't get the full impact of your work and our story until the next day when we watched it at home with Anne's family before leaving on the honeymoon. Both of us just sat and cried over the entire video. We must have replayed the video an average of 4 times a day during the entire week in Door County and we plan another viewing with a cocktail before turning in tonight. Every detail of the video and the editing (the music, black and white to colors and freeze frames, slow motion, etc.) was just unbelievable. Thank you so much for your effort and work on our story. We feel like we didn't do a good enough job of introducing the video to get everyone's attention and we certainly didn't do an adequate job of thanking and recognizing your work and efforts. We're glad that you were also impressed with the staff at Chanterelles. We can't say enough about the job they did with our reception. Annie will add a few words of her own here but in closing, you and Vicki have etched a place in our hearts for all time. We can't wait to see the wedding video and wish you the best of luck in the contest with our love story. Maybe when our video is done we can meet in Clintonville for lunch and a couple of beers. It is very easy to recommend you to anyone Bob, you and your family are a class act all the way and a true pleasure to be around and do business with. Thanks again. Jim"

"Okay, now that I've finished crying about a gajillion times this week over our love story, I just have to say you certainly caught on film exactly how we feel about each other. Wow! I said to Jim "I don't know how I didn't run right up to bob and give him a big hug." that was after showing our video. I think I was in such a state of euphoria that day that things just didn't sink in all the time. every detail, every shot was so put together with the music, it was just so heartfelt. we've had many compliments on it saying how romantic it was and how they've never seen anything like it. both songs fit it to a tee. we have something to cherish for the rest of our lives. thank you, thank you, thank you. Can't wait to see our wedding video! Talk to you soon."

Anne (Schleif)