MVP PRODUCTIONS Specializing in Multiple Camera Wedding Videography Since 1983

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
then our videos will leave you speechless.

MVP Productions concentrates exclusively on video.

Who is MVP Productions... MVP Productions has been producing Wedding Videos since 1983. During those years we have continually placed importance on improving the quality and workmanship in our video productions. We truly love what we do and give 100% of ourselves as part of making your wedding day a success. We combine experience and only the best audio and video equipment, along with professionalism and taste, to capture and preserve all your life's precious moments on DVD.

What Makes Us Unique...

MVP Productions adorns each video we produce with magnificence and beauty that only a true artist can. Our special attention to details is what sets us above all the rest. Our goal is to make every video better than the last, while making it special and personal for you.
  • Childhood and pre-wedding photo montages are available to set the stage and introduce your wedding productions.
  • We'll even prepare your photo introductions in advance so it can be played over and over again at your wedding reception.
  • Our mini productions options, or sharp form options provide exciting ways to share 30 minute highlight versions of your wedding day memories with family and friends. (no fast forwarding needed!)
  • Best of all, we will prepare and present highlights of your wedding day to include the Vows of your wedding ceremony, and present it on a large screen the same night of your wedding
Discrete... We communicate professionally with clergy officials and try to place our cameras in the best areas of the church, yet you will hardly even know we are there. We consider it an honor to be given the responsibility of capturing your special memories of your wedding day on video. We place "extra special" emphasis on being thorough and complete, but courteous and thoughtful. MVP Productions is at your wedding to capture your day, not to be part of it. We appreciate and cherish all the new friendships we have made through our video productions over the many years.
MVP Productions has state of the art technology for professional results!
  • MVP has provided ceremony's with as many as 6 camera angles, each camera with a wireless microphone and camera operator, to make sure that nothing is missed.
  • MVP offers state of the art technology with 3-chip digital cameras to provide the most professional and best looking video of your wedding day or special event.
  • MVP places special emphasis on providing professional camera work. We combine computer generated graphics, wireless mics, added sound tracks and appropriate special effects to your video production to provide you with an edited tape of your wedding day that you and your family will be proud of and treasure for years to come.
Member... MVP Productions is a proud member of WEVA, the International Wedding and Event Videographers Association and NEWVA the Northeast Wiscosin Videographers Association.

"Our family takes pride in each tape
we produce. Our video productions reflect the
warmth and feeling you expect and
deserve from your wedding memories."
~Bob McMillin